SEC Football, Maple Casino and Microgaming

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There is little question that if there is a dominant collegiate football conference in America on a national scale, it is the Southeastern Conference, or SEC. That has especially been the case in recent seasons. Don't believe us? Well, in each of the last eight seasons, an SEC team has appeared in the BCS national championship game, and in seven of those games they have won. Of course, in one of those cases it was pretty hard to avoid, as LUS and Alabama, both from the conference, met up for the crown.

Interestingly enough, since the BCS (Bowl Championship Series, which has since been replaced with a four-team playoff) was first instituted, no less than five different SEC schools have earned a national title (LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Alabama). That's over a period of just sixteen years. It is never a big surprise to see five or six SEC teams in the nation's Top 15 in any given week, and with the added dynamic of a league title game, there is even more excitement with the possibility that someone unexpected might reach new heights. For example, had Missouri been able to upset Auburn for last year's SEC championship, THEY would likely have found themselves playing for the national title against Florida State.

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So when it comes to a winning combination; a "circle of champions," if you will, you really couldn't do too much better than the SEC, Maple Casino and Microgaming!