Football Betting Bonuses vs Online Casino Bonuses

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Bonuses and online casinos go hand in hand - no ambitious operation can possibly do without them. Customers have been known to shop around from one casino to the next strictly on the basis of what welcome bonus they offer.

The signup bonuses offered by online casinos vary, but suffice it to say that they will have a difficult time being competitive if they don't have one that eventually pays 100% of the deposit. As anyone who has gone through the "shopping" experience can tell you, no casino will just turn around and hand free money to a customer; there is a process of fulfilling a wagering requirement that must take place before the bonus can be added into a real-money account.

For example, the Windows Casino deposit match bonus, there is a 250-unit new player bonus, and there are different wagering requirements for different games. For example, the player must make a 25x "play-through" (25 times the deposit plus bonus) when engaging in slot games. When playing some of the table games (though only certain specified ones) this figure is 50x. The list of inclusions and exceptions can always be found in the "Terms and Conditions" area of the page that explains the bonus.

This is by no means the only bonus an online casino might have to offer. Those players who look around might find "reload" bonuses (on subsequent deposits), specific game bonus (for playing video poker, for instance) or chronologically-driven bonuses (specific days of the week; beginning of each month, etc.).

Online sportsbooks like to reward players in the same spirit. But their bonus offers are a bit different. There is a welcome bonus or even a "free bet" which often is lower than that of a typical bonus that is offered to new customers in an online casino. And there is indeed a wagering requirement, which is expressed as a "rollover," in which the amount of that initial deposit plus the bonus money must be wagered (in the sportsbook only, and usually on straight wagers, parlays and teasers specifically) anywhere from three to ten times.

Some other things need to be pointed out about sportsbook bonuses. They are not typically as generous in terms of percentage as the online casino bonuses. In other words, you're not likely to get over 100%. Even 100% is not the standard, although some of the sportsbooks that do great volume of business can afford to offer them. A 20%-50% bonus for a qualifying deposit is usually the norm.

It is not uncommon at all for a sportsbook to give bonuses on reloads (i.e., subsequent deposits beyond the initial one), and there are some that will offer that for every deposit the customer makes. These will be subject to a rollover. Just like an online casino, there is a maximum amount the bonus can be worth. Always keep in mind that the sportsbook is not as much of a "grind" as the online casino is, so bonus programs are going to be structured accordingly.