Family and friends alike can have their share of fun in Georgia Football

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In tailgating for the Georgia football team, fans should know a lot of things to look out for in Jacksonville, Florida. These include where to spend the night, the attractions that shouldn't be missed, places to eat, the total expenses for the trip including parking lot fees, the tailgating rules and a lot more. The following article would be helpful.

So where should one spend the night while in Jacksonville before the big game? If you are not a fan of old, rundown hotels, then you might consider avoiding the hotels on Normandy Boulevard and Lane Avenue. This includes the Westside hotels, too, for the same reason. To enjoy your stay, choose Amelia Island but always anticipate that numerous fans will also check in at this place, so better make early reservations.

While waiting for the match, one should not miss some of the beautiful attractions in Jacksonville. For family tourists, Jacksonville Zoo and Jax Beach are good places to enjoy. There are also various parties happening around the area for the young adults looking for their own kind of fun. As for the places to eat, Cross Creek Seafood & Steaks, River City Brewing Company and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on the St. John's River are all definitely a must-try.

The usual price range for the parking lot in Jacksonville is around $40 to $75. This is a little steep so make sure to bring enough money for the entire trip. As Jacksonville is the most ideal place for tailgating, make sure to be familiar with some of its basic laws and regulations. For example, there aren't any open-container laws, which means that you can drink all you can even with the presence of a cop as they wouldn't care about it. There will be lots of bands and you might see a lot of hats and shirts with the inscription "Herschel for Heisman."

In addition to all these preparations, you should also be prepared for a bad weather. Even though there are no signs of rain in other places, it could probably happen is in Jacksonville due to its location, which is farther north, and the wind chill factor rolling in from the river.