The Best Guide to Florida Football Tailgating in Gainesville

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If you are one of the thousands of Gator Football fans trooping to Gainesville in Florida for the football and tailgating season, this guide to enjoying your stay is a must read. Know all the best information in order to have the best Florida football experience.

First off, where is the best place to stay considering my budget? There are more than 40 accommodations available in Gainesville and the surrounding area. The fastest sellers are the ones closest to the stadium so if you want to grab those beds, you better book months before. A list of available places to stay can be found online in the Alachua Country site. Their Visitor's Bureau has this information and you can even give them a call and they will be more than happy to help out.

Once you're there, parking is another consideration. On game day, traffic starts around 10 in the morning. Options for parking is the campus if arrive early. Another is University Avenue. Houses offer parking for a fee of $10 to $30. You can even party with the residents in these houses afterwards! For those with Motor homes or RV, reservation should be done with the Transportation and Parking office of the University of Florida. Another options are beside Hilton Hotel and the public parking at the Hull & Mowrey Road corner.

Now that you are properly parked, do you have tickets? If you don't have one yet, it might mean having to buy from scalpers. Alumni side tickets are not cheap. You will need to donate big money to get these. Student tickets on the other hand involves lottery. Buying from scalpers should be done a few minutes before the game since this is the time where you can get the lowest price.

Now, where should I tailgate? Best group and location is at the SW corner of Museum Road and Gale Lemerand. This is of course with the GatorTailgating crew. Make sure you don't flaunt your alcohol to avoid police questioning. Drinking and party areas also abound in the area. In fact, Gainesville is considered the best US party school, of course, all the best Florida Football party. You can party in a number of pubs mid-town and downtown. Some of the best restaurants to enjoy a meal are Satchels, Mildred's and Las Margaritas. You can party to your heart's content and still enjoy a visit to the springs the day after. You have a choice of either the Blue, Poe or Ginnie Springs.