Cowbells play major role in Mississippi State football

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The Bulldogs, the proud name preserved and earned by the hard-hitting, persistent play of student-athletes pompously wearing the Maroon and White, is the name given to the athletic team of the Mississippi State University. With their official school mascot, an American Kennel Club registered English Bulldog, the University received the famous title of "Bully."

Like other football teams in the league or in the country, the Mississippi State University, especially the Mississippi State football, has their proud traditions being upheld and practiced even today. One of which is the ringing of the cowbells, which can be considered as the most distinctive and without doubt the most reverberating symbol of the Mississippi State University. Because of this, stick-in-the-mud fans of the Bulldogs still celebrate their team's fight and victories using the sound of the bell despite the fact that countless attempts to stop the tradition are passed by the opponents and various authorities.

As with many traditions, the exact origin of the practice, which occurred every Mississippi State football game, remains a puzzle. But several theories and legends existed as of present. The most accepted theory or legend of having this practice was that it started during the home football match between State and archrival Mississippi. During the game, they said, a cow (wearing a jersey) strolled around the playing field, which made the spectators think, after the game, that it was what caused the team to win their game. Hence, the State College, without hesitation, took on the cow as a good luck charisma from that day on. Because of that reason, the spectators (students) are rumored to have continued bringing a cow to every Mississippi State football game, but due to extreme hassle, the bringing of the cow turned into the bringing of just the cowbell. But whatever the origin is, the symbol and practice made a great impact to the history and the record of the Mississippi State University as it seemed to raise the morale of every player of the football team.

To date, numerous styles of cowbells are existing on the campus. Some with a heavy chrome-plated model on its top and having a Bulldog figurine handle. But according to many experts, they still favor those bells made of thinner and extremely welded shells as the loudest ones.