Riverboat casinos and other places every LSU Football fan should visit

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If you are ever in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to catch some LSU Football action, it pays to know the where, what, and how of the place to be on top of the game and keep hustlers at bay. Below are some helpful tips on how you should go about the city on the day before the game.

Probably the best area to stay is in Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge because of its 3-mile distance from Death Valley. It is also conveniently seated near restaurants and a mix of nightlife experiences in downtown Baton Rouge. To top it all off, it has a bar and restaurant from where you can watch the glorious Mississippi River. However, it rapidly gets booked during game day weekends, so you'll have to call for a reservation the soonest.

Now that we've established where you should stay, it's best to discuss where you should eat, right? Baton Rouge actually has a selection of restaurants that can cater to your taste. Mike Andersons and Drusilla Seafoodare are the most popular seafood restaurants. For those with finer taste and a bigger budget, visiting Juban's is also a great idea. They have the best Creole cuisine. Another restaurant you can go to is TJ Ribs for fine barbecue meals during game day.

Tourist spots you shouldn't miss while you're in Baton Rouge include the Old State Capitol, the New State Capitol, the river boat casinos, the LSU Rural Life Museum, the Louisiana State Museum, the USS Kidd Warship, and of course the river road plantation homes.

If taking a trip down memory lane is not your thing, the 3rd street entertainment district is filled with clubs and bars that will surely keep you busy until the LSU Football game.

Alternatively, you can also go see Mike in the Siberian tiger's new habitat. The mascot is usually active from 8 to 10 in the morning and from 5 to 7 in the evening. Thus, it is best to visit him during these times.

There you have it. These activities should keep you on your feet while you eagerly anticipate LSU Football.