Numerous rolls of toilet paper take center stage at Auburn football win!

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There is no other unique way to celebrate a football victory than to celebrate it after the Auburn football game. Auburn has its practice of throwing rolls and rolls of toilet papers in the place where the fans (Tiger fans) have always celebrated victories, the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue, which is where the Auburn's campus and the City of Auburn meet. The practice of rolling toilet paper started when Toomer's Drugs, a small merchandise on the corner which has been considered as an Auburn landmark for over 130 years, was the only one to have a telegraph in the city. The reason for this is that in the event of away Auburn football games and when the employees of the said drugstore would receive news of a win, the ticker tape from the telegraph of Toomer's Drugs would be thrown onto the power lines. But the same as with other traditions, the origin of this rolling of toilet paper tradition is subject to debate as the incidents seem to be inconsistent with time. But still, it didn't have a major effect on the people celebrating the same tradition over and over again.

Sadly, a certain event happened which somehow caused imbalance to the said tradition. The Toomer's Oaks, due to a certain poisoning event which happened after the Iron Bowl in 2010, were taken out. Luckily, the event did not stop the people of Auburn from celebrating the win (through the rolling of toilet paper) of every Auburn football game, even though the trees in Toomer's Oaks did not continue to exist. To continue the tradition, the people and fans have built temporary structures wherein they can roll the toilet paper while still waiting for the newly planted trees to grow in full bloom. In fact, there exists a plan, after extensive research and survey and public workshops wherein over 10,000 alumni, fans, students, and friends participated, to create a certain park, called Samford Park, partnered with two oak trees to restore the memories created by the past tradition. The plan not only focused on restoring the place for the tradition but will also enhance the place., that is, there will be more shaded areas, the seating capacity will become bigger, and more trees will invade the park.