Know why Alabama Football Team is dubbed the Red Elephants

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As old as history itself, the Alabama football team is known as the "elephants," the "Red Elephants" to be exact. But how did the team get their title as such?

If we traced back history of the "elephant" title, we will be transported to the thirties, the season when the great coach named Wallace Wade had formed an elite football team for the Alabama football.

Because of this team, eyes wandered and centered around them that even the sports writer Everett Strupper of the Atlanta Journal, on the eighth day of October 1930, wrote a great account on the game between Alabama and Mississippi which he had previously seen. According to him, "That Alabama team of 1930 is a typical Wade machine, powerful, big, tough, fast, aggressive, well-schooled in fundamentals, and the best blocking team for this early in the season that I have ever seen. When those big brutes hit you I mean you go down and stay down, often for an additional two minutes."

Based on his description on the aforementioned team, other writers joined calling coach Wade's team an elephant. And due to their crimson red jerseys, they were referred to as "Red Elephants." To support the title, Strupper added, "It was the first time that I had seen it and the size of the entire eleven nearly knocked me cold, men that I had seen play last year looking like they had nearly doubled in size."

Even the fans would shout "Hold your horses, the elephants are coming," proof that the Alabama football already established their nickname as such.

That same previously mentioned team showed a grand record of 10-0. To add more to their fame and greatness, they have defeated eight opponents while allowing only 13 points versus their 217 point average the whole season. They also rolled over Washington State 24-0 in the Rose Bowl and were acknowledged National Champions.