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The South Eastern Conference (SEC) football conference is THE toughest conference in the nation and it has been for the last several years. What is cool about the SEC is that there are so many rivalry games that it can be hard to keep track. From Auburn vs. Alabama to Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss and LSU vs. Florida and LSU vs. Alabama every game in the loaded conference is a big one.

With all the big games every college week in the SEC you may think there would be a South Eastern Conference SEC Football Site for wagering on game. Well, there is not, but, pretty much, every legitimate online betting website will have odds posted for the SEC games and even most all games that feature SEC teams. Since the SEC is such a major conference there are also several betting options at some sportsbooks that other conferences do not offer. For bigger games in the SEC, such as LSU vs. Alabama, you will find many proposition bets available, which will only give you that much more wagering action for the big game.

When looking for a South Eastern Conference SEC Football Site for wagering the most popular bet you will see is the spread. In this bet you will see a favourite and an underdog and if you bet on the favourite you will give points and if you bet on the underdog you will get points. For example, if you see a Florida vs. Alabama game with odds like Florida +10 vs. Alabama -10 you know that Alabama is the favourite and they are at home. The second team listed is always the home team. In this example if you bet on Florida they will have to lose by less than 10 points for you to win and if you bet on Alabama they have to win by at least 9 points. If Alabama wins by 10 that is exactly the number of the spread so you will get your original bet back, as it is a push. This is why, many times, you will see a .5 after the number, as a half of a point can't be scored and there is no way the wager could end in a draw. The spread bet is the most popular football bet.

You will also see the totals bet at a South Eastern Conference SEC Football Site for laying bets and it is an easy wager to understand. You will see a number for a game such as 45.5 for the Auburn vs. Alabama game. You simply bet the over or under in how many total will be scored by both teams in the game. If the game ends Alabama 25 Auburn 23 the total is 48, so the over would be the winning bet.

While the spread and the total are the most popular bets when wagering on SEC games there is other betting action for you out there. One of the bets is the futures bet where you will bet on who will win the SEC and there are also books that will have betting odds for who will win the East or West division in the conference. There are also prop bets for the bigger games and conference title games as well as parlay bets if you want to bet on multiple games in one wager.

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